Chairmanís Message
Atsei Angami.

DirectorIndia Northeast Tribal Community Welfare Society (INTCWS) Dimapur, Nagaland, is registered under Societies Act, Govt. of Nagaland-H/RS-3935 in 2004 founded by seven like-minded people with the motto to uplift the tribal people. It is a non-profitable organization working for the tribal people and general in various fields such as education, sports, fitness, health, career counseling, jobs, women and child welfare, etc. The society endeavors to promote the people of entire northeast region in different areas of life and develop the human resources in both rural and urban areas through different projects or any trainings,assistance,services,etc and it seeks to bring about a positive change in the society


Its main objective is to uplift,educate,promote the tribal people and provide assistance whether physical,material,financial,sponsoring students for education and vocational trainings,awareness campaigns on health,education,employment,fitness or any such issues that directly impacts the tribal people in any way so as to uplift the tribal people.



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